Piano Lessons in the Comfort of Your Home

Today’s technology makes learning piano more accessible than ever.

  • Families who are unable to travel from their home to lessons for a variety of reasons
  • Those who wish to learn in the comfort of their home
  • Students relocating to another part of the county
  • Students in another time zone
  • Students needing flexible scheduling
  • Students in remote areas who want to learn to play the piano
  • Both the young and the young at heart!

Basic Setup includes:

  • Acoustic piano or full (88-key) digital piano with weighted action.
  • Internet connection.
  • A device with a webcam. This can be a computer, laptop or an iPad. Larger screens are better for learning.
  • Video conference platform such as Zoom or FaceTime.
  • Music and materials as recommended by teacher.
  • A lesson room free from potential disruptions such as pets, siblings, television, and background music.

Optional Equipment:

  • A second device for a second camera angle
  • An external microphone
  • Online lessons are live face-to-face lessons on Zoom (or similar platform). The content and flow of the lesson is the same as in-studio lessons.
  • Students install a video conferencing app such as Zoom on their device.
  • The teacher sends students a link to join Zoom and they will stay in the “waiting room” until admitted by the teacher.
  • Multi-camera angles in the studio allow the student to see the teacher and to view the keyboard from above, from the side and at the foot pedal.
  • Teacher and student both have copies of repertoire and materials. The “Share Screen” allows the teacher to illustrate concepts and mark music scores.
  • Students write down their own assignments and practice plans.
  • Video and audio files are used to reinforce concepts.
  • Video exchange occurs between student and teacher prior to lesson.
  • Students have access to lesson notes, video, and audio files through an online student portal.