I am in Chaska, MN near Pioneer Trail and Audubon Road.

The age to begin lessons really depends on the child. A child that is ready will be able to sit and focus on a task for 10-15 minutes. I also recommend that a child be able to read, or at least working on reading prior to starting lessons. Parents are welcome to attend lessons with the student.

I have a professional-grade upright and grand piano, as well as up-to-date technology and materials readily available, so I prefer students come to my studio.

Absolutely. I believe music is for everyone and that doesn’t mean you need to be within driving distance of the studio. Technology and virtual learning have made piano instruction much more accessible regardless of location or personal preference. Visit Virtual Lessons for more information about online learning.

Yes, you absolutely need to have a piano! Taking piano lessons without a regular instrument to practice on is much like playing ice hockey without a hockey stick.

An acoustic piano is the best choice as students can control touch, dynamics, pedal effects and especially sound! A digital piano with 88 weighted keys may be used, however there are noticeable differences in touch, tone, and technical development.

Lessons start at $30 for a half hour lesson. In addition to weekly lessons, tuition fees include access to the studio music lending library, printed materials, apps and other equipment owned by the studio and available for student use. Payments can be broken down into monthly, half semester, or full semester payments. View complete pricing information.

Get started by filling out the student information form on the Contact page of this website. I will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours and let you know of available lesson times.

Each student receives a complimentary lesson to see if we are a good fit.

I believe students should establish a consistent at home practice routine with focus on the quality of their practice. Students are encouraged to practice daily using goal setting and efficient and effective practice techniques to ensure they are well prepared for their next lesson. Students have access to an online student portal where all their lesson notes, recordings, and other resources are kept, making it easy for them to quickly locate any necessary materials from past lessons.

I use a variety of method books with beginning students. As the student progresses, I will supplement the curriculum with pieces that reinforce a particular concept, provide extra technical or artistic experience, or simply give the student a break from their routine. I believe that as the as the student advances, they should be exposed to a variety of composers and musical eras. I use a core curriculum which I have put together over my years of teaching and give the students an opportunity to choose the pieces they wish to learn from this curriculum. I also feel it is important to make their music relevant and encourage them to use their music knowledge and skills to learn favorite pieces on their own.